Welcome To Doctor Scooter
We are visionaries who believe that E-scooters and bikes are the future of road travel. They are fun, fast, convenient, safe, stylish and eco-friendly. E-scooters are the way to go! 
Doctor Scooter is a major shop with an increasing number of outlets in the UK. Quality is assured everytime you make a purchase. Check out our Selection down below.


At Doctor Scooter our aim is to help you find 'Your Perfect Electric Scooter'. We have the newest generation E-scooters & E-bikes that are tailored to your needs. We have a UK Showroom where you can come and get a feel of our scooters. They come fully covered and our team is here to help with any concerns. Customer satisfaction is our Number One Priority.

We offer a full service on your scooter. Our technicians are fully trained, giving you the confidence that faults will be diagnosed swiftly and servicing carried out professionally.

What the Warranty Covers, and for how long?

Our E-scooters are fully covered, including electronics & battery for one year from purchase.