What the Warranty Covers, and for how long?

The Scooter is fully covered, including the electronics and battery, up to 1 year from the date of purchase.

Who is the Warranty Provider? 
The warranty is provided by Doctor Scooter.

How Can a Customer Claim on the Warranty?
Contact Doctor Scooter by email info@doctorscooter.co.uk

What the Warranty doesn’t cover?

  • Damage caused by vehicle modification using non-original accessories to modify the scooter
  • Damage caused by violence and improper use or violent destruction
  • Damages caused by traffic accidents
  • Damage caused by natural or man-made water ingress, soaking
  • The product sold does not match the time of the product warranty contract
  • Damages after the warranty expiry date.
During the warranty period, if any of the following causes failure or damage your scooter or bike will not be covered by our quality assurance.
1) Failure to carry out proper maintenance in accordance with the manual.
2) The E-Scooter or E-Bike is used performing stunts and other dangerous actions which result in product damage.
3) Arbitrary dismantle or use of unoriginal spare parts.
4) Inappropriate operation, traffic accidents or other accidental collisions.
5) Damages caused by riding on uneven or untarred roads.
6) Use for business lease or transfer of ownership.
7) Natural disasters.
8) Caution! To claim your warranty you must present the original warranty book given to you at the time of purchase. Please keep it properly.

Quality Assurance

If the E-Scooter or E-Bike suffers issues within the warranty period, the Doctor Scooter will provide the complete after-sales service base on quality guarantee.
Part Quality Problem Warranty Period
Motor Failure under normal operation 12 months
Accelerator Can not be used under normal operation (except crash/other external damage) 6 months
Controller Failure under normal operation 6 months
Battery Can not charge/discharge or mileage is too short base on normal usage 12 months
Bodywork Structure Under normal usage deformation, fracture, etc. Unable to be used. 12 months

Caution: In order to ensure the safety during your operation, please do not disassemble or modify the product without authorization. This will lead to some unforeseen potential safety problems effect your warranty. If problems arise during usage, please contact Doctor Scooter and we will try our best to resolve the issue.