Bike2Work / Cycle2Work Scheme

An HMRC approved scheme provider of the Governments Green Transport Plan which aims to reduce environmental pollution, promote healthier lifestyles, and make cycling to work cost-effective by offering tax savings on bikes and cycling equipment. The scheme makes it simple for Employers and Employees to take full advantage of the Government approved bike2work and cycle2work scheme, providing all necessary paperwork and promotional materials completely free of charge.

What can I purchase under any of the Schemes?

  • Electric Bikes
  • Accessories
  • Parts


Is there a maximum spend?

You can get bikes through the scheme worth over 1000 pounds. This is a great way to promote the use of e-bikes for greener travel.


How long does it take for my order to be processed?

Once your quote has been approved, your employer must pay the full amount before a voucher is issued. Once the voucher is submitted to us, we will process your order. You can choose to have your purchase delivered or to pick up from any of our stores.


Do I qualify for the Bike2Work or Cycle2Work Scheme?

Please check with your employer if your company is under any of the schemes. 


How many times can you use the Bike2Work or Cycle2Work scheme?

There is no specified limit to how many times you can make purchases under the scheme. However, please check with your employer and make sure you are eligible to apply for it more than once.


Where do I send my Voucher once it’s approved?

Please send it to


How It Works

1.    Employer accepts Bike2Work or Cycle2Work Scheme’s terms & conditions and registers online and is given a unique employer PIN.

2.    Employee visits one of our partner shops (Doctor Scooter in this case) to make their selection and obtain a written quotation.

3.    Employee registers online with Bike2Work or Cycle2Work Scheme using the employer PIN and then logs in to submit their quotation, they will then be asked to agree to the Hire Agreement.

4.    The employer will receive notification that a quote has been submitted and they need to log in and approve the quotation.

5.    An e-mail will be sent to the employee to advise if their quote has been approved/declined.

6.    If approved, Bike2Work  or Cycle2Work Scheme will generate the Invoice and Salary Sacrifice.

7.    The employer will receive an email asking them to log in and download both the Invoice and Salary Sacrifice.

8.    The Salary Sacrifice needs to be signed by both employer and employee and kept for your records only.

9.    Once signed by both parties, payment can be made to Bike2Work or Cycle2Work Scheme as per the invoice.

10. The voucher will be processed the same day as payment clears in our account and sent directly to the bike shop.

11. Both the employer and employee will be notified that payment has been received and the voucher issued.


This is a list of what is covered by the scheme: 

• Cycle helmets which conform to European standard BSEN1078

• Bells and bulb horns

• Lights, including dynamo packs

• Mirrors and mudguards to ensure riders’ visibility is not impaired

• Cycle clips and dress guards

• Panniers, luggage carriers and straps to allow luggage to be safely carried

• Child safety seats

• Locks and chains to ensure the cycle can be safely secured

• Pumps, puncture repair kits, cycle tool kits and tyre sealant to allow for minor repairs

• Replacement parts to keep a cycle roadworthy

• Adaptations for disability/mobility issues.

• Reflective clothing or reflective cycle equipment, e.g. spoke reflector

Unfortunately, electric scooters and kids’ scooters are not covered. 

Bikes should be for the person purchasing, as they are the ones receiving the taxable benefit.