43 MPH

Top Speed | Up to 70KM/H

31 M

Range | Up to 50KM Per Charge


Electric and Green


 Excitement is building, and anticipation is in the air! Secure your Mia Four Electric Scooter through our pre-order process and be one step closer to experiencing the future of electric mobility. Please note that pre-orders typically take approximately three months to process, from the time of reservation to the moment you finally get behind the handlebars. We understand that waiting can be tough, but rest assured that this time is well worth it. Our dedicated team works diligently to ensure that each Mia Four is crafted with utmost care and precision, delivering a scooter that exceeds your expectations. So, mark your calendar, prepare for the adventure ahead, and get ready to embark on your Mia Four journey.

Here's How It Works

Initial Deposit

When placing your pre-order, we kindly request an initial deposit of £300. This amount will secure your reservation and demonstrate your commitment to acquiring this cutting-edge product.

Rest Payment on Availability:

Once the product becomes available, we will promptly notify you, and you can complete your purchase by paying the remaining balance. This way, you have the flexibility to plan your finances and eagerly await the moment when you can experience the extraordinary features of the Mia Four firsthand.


Get ready to embark on an electrifying journey with the Mia Four Electric Scooter. This groundbreaking vehicle platform is not just a scooter—it’s a gateway to a world of unforgettable experiences and thrilling adventures. Whether you’re weaving through city streets or conquering off-road trails, the Mia Four is your ultimate companion for exploration and excitement.

Unrivalled Features

Quad Wheel Magic

Experience the perfect blend of stability and agility as the Mia Four combines the steadfastness of quad wheels with the nimbleness of a two-wheel vehicle. Say goodbye to compromises and embrace the freedom to navigate through any riding condition with ease.

Master The Tilt

Say hello to effective steering at all angles! Our unique tilt ability allows you to effortlessly conquer corners, making each manoeuvre a work of art. It’s time to unleash your inner rider and feel the exhilaration of seamless control.

Unbreakable Resilience

Tested in extreme off-road terrains, the Mia Four has proven its mettle. With our patented double wishbone suspension arms, improved traction and cornering ability are just the beginning. This scooter’s durability is forged in the crucible of harsh conditions, ensuring it stands strong by your side no matter where your adventure takes you.



1000w x 2

Top Speed

Up to 43 Mph | 70 Kmph

Max. Range Per Charge

Up to 31 Miles | 50 Km Per Charge (Removable Battery)



Width 27.48 inch | 689mm

Length 46.85 inch | 1190mm

Folded Height 17.7 inch | 450 mm

Wheels 15 inch


92 Lbs. | 42 Kg Excluding Battery | 106 Lbs | 48 Kg Including Battery



100% Electric Removable Battery

60v 20ah Battery


Tyre Size

15 Inches

Super Light All-Terrain

As each wheel moves independently, the MIA FOUR can adapt dynamically to the most difficult terrains and roads

Enjoy The City, or Go Off-Roading

As a result of each wheel’s dynamic ability to move independently, the MIA FOUR is able to Adaptable to the most challenging terrains and roads

Mia_FOUR_15-01-2023 Mia_FOUR_15-01-2023

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