E-Bike Check Up

In last week’s blog post we gave you some tips on how to keep your e-scooter in perfect condition all the time. Today we are going to talk about e-bikes.

E-bikes are not very different from regular bikes when it comes to maintenance. You also need to keep it clean all the time. Making sure that your bike is clean will help you in your performance as well. When grease, water, and dirt are combined, the result can be a paste that, at best, reduces your bike’s performance and, at worst, quickly wears through consumable parts. Dirt and mud increase component wear.

Do not forget to check your tyres. Additionally, you should routinely check the tyre pressure on your e-bike. In addition to being potentially dangerous, under-inflated tyres can waste energy and limit efficiency, which means you will get less use out of a battery charge. A tyre’s pressure can also affect comfort and traction, especially if you are going off-road.

Check your chains. E-bike chains require more frequent lubrication than non-assisted bicycle chains. For better results apply lubricant every time that you’re going for a ride. 

As we mentioned last week in our post, you should also check all the bolts and screws. Checking them will prevent you from having problems in the future. 

Concerning e-bike batteries, please ensure that you never leave your battery with no charge for a long period. The best way to do it is when you finish your ride, to charge it for a few hours. In addition, store your e-bike in a safe, dry and clean space. 

We hope that in this week’s blog post helped you understand basic care. Please let us know if you have any other concerns or questions. 

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