Kimi - Meet our electric scooter for kids!

Hey kids, we’ve got you covered!

Electric scooters are the future of traditional scooters and the kids are loving them! It’s simple and safe to ride, and it provides a young rider the confidence to take on a challenging endeavour like a long ride. The future is young and green! Allow your children to play a part in this vital job, and encourage them to care for the environment.


Why should you gift your kids an electric scooter? In this blog post, I am going to give you the main three reasons why. 


Once we are parents we end up limiting ourselves from doing certain things such as long walks. No child enjoys long rides. With an electric scooter, they just need to press a button and let the fun begin! 


The second reason why is to encourage our little ones how to be independent, confident and conscious. Not to mention that when you are a kid you learn the main values that you take for life. And you can use an electric scooter to increase children’s road safety awareness. It’s an opportunity to teach our children how to ride safely and respectfully of all other riders and pedestrians who share the urban mobility landscape. 


The third and main reason why is to let your kids have fun! Scooting is becoming more popular, and we know and have experienced some of the benefits of scooting with your kids, such as getting some fresh air, spending quality time with your family, and interacting with the world around you. It can also create good habits for more active adult life. 


Due to all of these reasons, Doctor Scooter decided to do their part and we are now going to have our first electric scooter for kids. Kimi by INOKIM is a safe, smart and sustainable electric scooter designed for kids aged 5 and up. This kid’s scooter came to revolutionize the kid’s scooter world due to its removable battery. You can fly safely with it making your holiday easier and even more enjoyable for the little ones. This adorable scooter has a broad deck for added safety, a kick-and-ride mechanism, a changeable battery, a thumb throttle, adjustable handlebars, a rear foot brake, and easy fold and led lights. It is lightweight (less than 5kg) and foldable, allowing it to be stored almost anywhere.


We’re thrilled to have Kimi as one of our products because, while it’s secure, it allows kids to explore their immediate environment and engage their explorer side!

Click on the image to check it out

You can now come to Brent Cross Shopping Center to meet Kimi, we have all of the models there and your kids can try it. Make them love to go shopping with you! The scooter is available for pre-order here on our website and we should have it in every store by the 15th of July. 

Before we finish I would like to end up this post with 5 tips when you’re planning to go out with your family:

  1. Plan in advance where you going, check if the weather is going to be good and choose a smooth route, avoid hills and busy roads;
  2. Check the scooters, make sure everything is working properly and is well attached;
  3. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes but avoid baggy clothes, they can be caught on handlebars;
  4. Stay behind your children, make sure you see what they are doing to avoid accidents;
  5. Be an example.


And of course, do not forget your protection! Thanks for reading, feel free to send an email for feedback, keep safe!

See you soon, 

Doctor Scooter

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