Scooter Check Up

In this week’s blog post, we are going to give you some steps that you should follow when you are checking up on your scooter. 

Having an e-scooter is amazing but you also need to take care of it. There are some basic checks that you should do every week to prevent problems in the future.  In addition to the advice we will provide you, you will also need to frequently clean, keep in a dry level ground area and examine your scooter, to detect punctures or water damage early.

The first step that you should take is to check all the bolts and screws on your scooter. If your bolts and screws are not tight enough or if they went missing it can cause huge problems in the future such as a motor wire being broken. So checking your bolts and screws, especially the ones next to your motor, will prevent you from spending lots of money on fixing the situation. It is common. We do receive scooters in this situation all the time.

The second step is to check your tyres. Look for punctures or elements that could cause one. It is also crucial that you check your tyre’s pressure. If you do not check it you risk losing grip and increasing your braking distances. It can also damage your tyres or shorten their lifetime. 

The third step is to check your lights. Make sure that they are all working. Please do not ignore non-functioning lights. You need to make sure that you ride safe and it is essential that you see your way or let other riders see you.

And the fourth and last step is to adjust your breaks. Make sure that they are working as they should. Also, check your brake pads. Checking your brake pads is crucial for your scooter performance and longevity, but its also vital for your safety. Remember, brake pads are what slow down and stop your vehicle.

I hope that you appreciated this post and see you next week,

Doctor Scooter’s Team.

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