Tips on how to ride an e-scooter

In this week’s blog post we are going to give you some tips on how to ride an e-scooter.

Which safety gadgets do you need before starting your ride?

Before you start riding you should always wear a helmet and protective clothing. Go for light-coloured or fluorescent clothing so that other drivers can see you in the dark.

You should always wear a helmet when using an e-scooter. Make sure that your helmet conforms to the current regulations. It’s the right size and it’s securely fastened. For more information check our blog post “When should you replace your helmet?”

After you’re all equipped with safety gear you are ready to start riding! But how do you ride an e-scooter? 

Before riding make sure you are familiar with your scooter controls. There’s no shame to read the instructions book! Inspect your scooter before hopping on. Check all the bolts and wires. If you are not sure how to check your e-scooter read our blog post “Scooter Check Up”.

While riding or when turning the steering at lower speeds and relying on leaning at higher speeds. While riding shift your weight back and down when braking hard. Avoid abrupt braking because it can make you fall off the scooter. 


Tips to follow after your ride

When you arrive at your destination, lock your scooter in a safe place to avoid robberies. We recommend using high-quality U-locks – available on our website –

Finally, if your scooter has gotten wet during the ride, give it a quick wipe with a towel or tissue paper. Make sure that you park it inside.

Common Mistakes While Riding

    • Accelerating too fast: When you press the throttle too fast, you can lose your balance. If you do this, you can slide off the deck and lose control of the scooter.
    • Pulling the brake lever too hard: Hard braking can harm your brakes and knock you off the scooter. So, you should only apply sudden brakes in an emergency.
    • Turning the handlebars too far: You risk falling off your scooter if you turn the handlebars too far. Moving slowly and steadily is ideal for anything on an electric scooter.
    • Leaning the scooter: Do not try leaning the scooter in one direction during your initial stages. It will throw you off balance.
    • Not wearing safety gear: Always wear safety gear. So, even if you crash, you can protect your body against serious injuries.


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