Top 5 facts that you do not know about e-scooters

In this week’s blog post, we are going to present to you some e-scooter facts that probably you do not know about. Let’s see how many facts you already know!


1. The first electric scooter was launched in 1915

The first ever scooter was invented in 1915 and manufactured by Autoped Company of America. The model was called Autoped and was a success in the USA as in the UK. It was adopted by American Police to chase thefts or to run in between traffic during operations. The Autoped weighed 110lbs, had an engine and gas tank built over the front wheel and was capable of reaching up to 35 miles per hour.


2.Celebrities love e-scooters

Many celebrities were caught using e-scooters, especially in specific states in America, where they are legal. Celebrities such as Paris Hilton say that they even use them inside their homes to locomote. A curiosity about Paris Hilton is that she is a fan of Inokim, which even made a customized Swarovski Crystal scooter for her. Ashton Kutcher, Gordon Ramsey, Justin Bieber, Sadiq Khan, Sam Smith, Chad Smith and Will Farrell are many other celebrities that love scooters and use them daily. 


3.The e-scooter business was not affected during covid

Many studies com prove that e-scooters business had an expositional growth during the last years. The sales rose by 184% in November 2020. Many riders felt safer using e-scooter as they can commute and maintain social distancing. 


4.There are some countries that you can ride e-scooters

In some countries such as the USA, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Belgium, Portugal, among others, e-scooters have proper legislation and you can legally ride them everywhere. 


5.The government is willing to change the law

The government is planning to change the rules about e-scooters. At the moment e-scooters are only legal to use on private land. Back in May this year 2022, in the Queen’s speech she announced “While riding a privately owned e-scooter on public land is currently illegal, we are considering how best to design future regulations and our Transport Bill will help us to take the steps we need to make e-scooters safer and support innovation.” 


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