Why should you get a Kugoo G-Booster?

Kugoo G-Booster has been one of our best-sellers since we have it here with us. It’s one of the most wanted scooters in the UK.

Why? It’s strong, easy maintenance and practical scooter. You can use it every day or just on your days off to enjoy fun rides with your friends. 

It’s dual-motor reaching out to 1600W will make you speed up to 30 miles per hour. Its 10-inch pneumatic tyres and wide deck will make you feel more stable and comfortable when riding it. With a climbing slope of 35º, you can easily ride it in parks or hills.

Having a range of 50 miles you can go to central London and come back quicker than any other method of transportation. 

Having 3-speed modes, a horn, strong LED front and back lights and a front and back disc brake will make sure that you are going to have a secure and safe ride. It’s foldable and you can easy storage it anywhere. 


Its design is inspired by urban culture. All black with details in red such as front fork, calipers and stickers on the back wheel will for sure stop the traffic to appreciate this beauty. 

I believe that now you can understand why Kugoo G-booster is a must! If you do not, no worries, I am going to present to you some reasons why you should NOT get a Kugoo G-Booster:

  1. If you’re not adventurous. G-Booster will provide you with a thrill ride and will make your heart pump. Not recommended for people with high heart rates.
  2. If you like to spend money on gas or petrol. G-Booster is electric so you won’t need to fill it. If you like to be bad for the environment and spend all of your money on petrol go ahead. 
  3. If you are a boring person and like to stay at home. Electric scooters do not ride themselves. They are clever but they are not Tesla’s. If you rather stay at home as we all have been for the last two years do not get one otherwise is just going to get dusty. 


I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Any other questions about Kugoo G-Booster please feel free to give us a call or send us an email to info@doctorscooter.co.uk

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