Why should you get an electric bike?

In this week’s blog post we are going to give you some reasons why should you get an electric bike rather than a normal/traditional bike.

You can travel further, longer, and faster with e-bikes. You would not get as fatigued while riding an e-bike. You can keep up the pace with your friends or older kids. You are going to enjoy it even more! Due to the throttle, you can accelerate when you come across a hill therefore you can probably go to places that you never tried before. You will, for sure, ride more than if you just had a normal bike. This also means that you are getting your daily exercise, and your heart and lungs will thank you. 

You can use your e-bike to go to work, shopping, or just ride around. They are a much cleaner and greener way to travel. Not to mention that you do not need to pay for ride fares or petrol. You can easily park them as well and you do not need to pay insurance or taxes.

If you are tempted to get an e-bike to go to work, check if your company is part of the Bike2Work or Cycle2Work Scheme. All information here https://doctorscooter.co.uk/bike2workorcycle2workscheme 

Bike2Work and Cycle2Work scheme is a way of making your tax efficient to purchase an e-bike since you can spread out the cost over some years through salary sacrifice, which lowers your take-home pay and, in turn, lowers your tax and National Insurance obligations. You can return the e-bike, pay its market worth, or re-lease it for another time after the plan period.

Due to the way they are built, e-bikes are safer to ride than traditional bikes. They replace the usual pedalling with an in-line electric motor powered by a battery, which makes them extremely safe to ride on the road and eventually offers you even more control. They are great for crosswinds and headwinds. It is much safer to use an e-bike when it is windy. 

I think we’ve given you enough justifications for getting an e-bike, but nothing better than you coming to one of our stores to meet our range. You can always call our customer support if you’re unsure which to choose from, and we’ll be happy to help you over the phone or on our social media. 


I hope that you appreciated this post and see you next week,

Doctor Scooter’s Team.

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