Why weight limit is a specification that is so important when purchasing an e-scooter? 

In today’s blog post we will be discussing the weight limit on e-scooters. Most of our models have a weight limit of 120kg but we do have models that go up to 150kg. 

Everyone purchases an e-scooter for different reasons, but if your goal is to carry something every day or to bring your shopping back home you should take into consideration that you need a higher weight limit scooter.  

When purchasing an e-scooter, please check your weight plus whatever you want to carry and give it at least a 10kg difference between your amount and the scooter’s weight limit. Just below that condition, you will be sure that nothing will happen to your e-scooter due to weight. If you also always carry a backpack, remember to put that weight into account as well. 

Scooters were not designed to take two people however we do know that sometimes is handy just make sure that the two people’s weight is not superior to the scooter’s weight limit


What happens when you ride overweight?

A scooter is like a person. If a person carries way too much than it can, he will probably feel some muscular pain and over time articulation problems. In e-scooter words, you can comprise your suspension, tyres and motor. Not to even speak about the structure body itself.  


Why is it always better to purchase a higher-weight limit scooter?

Maximum carrying capabilities are a reliable sign of the strength and longevity of the e-scooter. The better the scooter, the better the weight limit. The weight limit can be an indicator of how good the scooter is. Well-built scooters tend to have a higher weight limit. Usually, high-weight limit scooters are more expensive than regular-weight ones, but you need to see them as an investment. With a better scooter, you have got fewer chances of getting a problem.


Important considerations: 
  • Please take the weight limit seriously as it can result in a damaged or broken scooter in the nearest future. 
  • Your scooter will ride even if you exceed the weight value still that does not mean that if you continue it over time won’t break. 
  • If we do analyze weight damage in your e-scooter, we cannot cover a fixing under warranty.  


To conclude, we hope we clarified some of your questions about e-scooters and if you do need help while choosing your dream e-scooter please contact us or feel free to come to any of our shops around London. 

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